Board of Trustees and Staff


Board of Trustees

President Ward Harrison Sr.

Vice-President Melissa Moroni

Treasurer - Paula Blackmore

Secretary Luigia Solda

Board Members

Barbara Bourgery

Mary Brennan

Mary Costello

Betty Meade

Sheri Vieira



 Director Cynthia Muhlbach

Assistant Director Frank Floor

Manager/Department Head - Maxine Paquette

Children's/Young Adult Services Librarians Michael Cardin and Carol Derosier

Technical Services Librarian Patricia Remavich

Library Associates Eileen Grenga and Bethany Mott (Circulation Head)

Library Technician Marilyn Landolfi, Donna Lessard, Vincent Styron

Aides/Pages Ryan Borges, Margaret Dyer, Nathaniel Grist

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