East Smithfield Public Library Five Year Plan



Community Description/Needs



Smithfield is located five miles west of Providence, Rhode Island. Smithfield is a residential, suburban community consisting of 97% Caucasian population with the remaining 3% comprising African-American, Asian, American Indian, and Hispanic residents. The 2010 population of Smithfield, according to Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation is 21,430. English is the primary language spoken at home. Smithfield is commonly known as “Apple Country.”


Smithfield has four public elementary schools with levels K-5, and one Catholic elementary school, K-8. The public middle school services grades 6-8, and the high school serves grades 9-12. Approximately 85.3% of the parents of Smithfield High School students have graduated from high school with approximately 17.3% completing a four-year college program. The occupations of the parents include: 39.0% professional, 31.7% semi-professional, 29.3% in "other" occupations, and the military. The local unemployment rate is 10.7%. Approximately 80.5% of Smithfield residents are homeowners with the average selling price of a home being $242,750 (2010 figures). Another 19.5% of town residents are renters paying a median rate of $608 per month. The Town is also home to Bryant University, a renowned business school.


The town of Smithfield is home to several international, national, and local companies such as Fidelity Investments, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Citizens Bank, Navigant Credit Union, Uvex Corporation, and FGX International (AAi Foster Grant). In 1994, Smithfield rezoned portions of the town, creating a corporate zone to entice large corporations and national hotels into the community. A regional shopping mall, Smithfield Crossings, is located at the junction of Putnam Pike (Rt. 44) and Interstate 295. The Rhode Island Audubon Society is headquartered in Smithfield and one of the oldest 17th century farm houses, the Smith-Appleby House, is located in Smithfield.


In Smithfield, the median family income of $72,494 is one of the highest in the state. Families with incomes below the poverty level account for 4.3% of the population.


The ethnic, racial, and cultural composition of Smithfield has not changed significantly in recent years. The largest percentage increase in population is in the 65 years of age and over group.


The East Smithfield Public Library is committed to serving the needs of the community. Identifiable needs for library service include:



·         Improve access to library services

·         Improve the general awareness of library resources and services

·         Increase use of services and resources

·         Ensure the collections are more relevant to the needs and interests of users

·         Improve delivery of information to users

·         Improve service to patrons

·         Meet the minimum standards for staffing

·         Improve the working conditions for staff

·         Increase library facilities to meet user demand

·         Assure that the organization and administration of the Libraries of Smithfield is the most cost-efficient system available



Mission Statement



The East Smithfield Public Library's mission is to provide comprehensive library services to local and remote users in a cost-effective and timely manner. In order to accomplish this mission, the library supplements its local collection with up-to-date, on-line, statewide, national, and international databases (Ocean State Libraries - OSL, Online Computer Library Catalog - OCLC, Elton B. Stephens Company - EBSCO) and the Internet. The East Smithfield Public Library's access to global information resources, cooperative efforts, shared resources, and interlibrary loan, ensures that our patrons will be able to participate in the information and technological challenges of the 21st century.



Goals and Objectives: 2016-2020

Service Goals and Objectives



A.                Access to Services


Goal: Improve access to library services.


Objective: Increase hours of operation by 10% by 2020.


Objective: Provide continued 24-hour access to the statewide database and library services via the library's home page. (ongoing)


B.                 Awareness and Use of Libraries


Goal: Improve general awareness of library resources and services among Smithfield residents.


Objective: Publicize the library's programs and services at least monthly in the newsletter (East Smithfield Public Library’s Happenings), local newspaper (The Valley Breeze & Observer), or the local magazine (Your Smithfield Magazine) by 2017.


Objective: Inform Smithfield residents (via local and statewide media) of the library's home page where access to the statewide database, national databases, and significant links are available 24-hours a day, every day of the week by 2016.


Objective: Update the library's web page at least monthly. (ongoing)


C.                 Use of Library Services


Goal: Increase the use of services and resources.


Objective: Increase the number of registered borrowers by 10% by 2019.


Objective: Increase circulation by 10% by 2018.



Resource Management Goals and Objectives



A.                Collection


Goal: Ensure that collections are more relevant to the needs and interests of the users.


Objective: Increase nonprint budget by 5% each year thru 2017.


Objective: Purchase at least 200 digital videodiscs (DVDs) each year thru 2020.


Objective: Evaluate 20% of the collection each year and weed low interest, non-circulating materials.


Goal: Improve delivery of information to users.


Objective: Add at least two statewide or national databases which patrons may access locally or remotely by 2018.


Objective: Provide e-mail notification of reserves to patrons by 2016.


B.                 Service


Goal: Improve service to patrons.


Objective: Hire a Reference Librarian by 2017.


Objective: Establish and staff a separate reference room by 2019.


Objective: Conduct at least one "outreach" program at the elementary, middle, or high school each year by 2018.


Objective: Contact at least one local "housing for the elderly units" and conduct a needs assessment by 2020.


C.                 Staff


Goal: Meet minimum standards for staffing.


Objective: Hire a full-time professional Reference Librarian by 2017.


Goal: Improve working conditions for staff members.


Objective: Increase salaries to the American Library Association's recommended salaries or the statewide average by 2020.


Objective: Evaluate personnel policy by 2019.


D.          Facilities


Goal: Update library facilities to meet user demand.


Objective: Install heating units to select areas of the parking lot by 2020.


Objective: Conduct a survey to assess patron/community needs by 2017.


Objective: Update the computer workstations on the second floor to reflect changing technological advances. (annually through 2020)



Administrative and Directional Goals and Objectives



Goal: Assure that the organization and administration of the libraries of Smithfield is the most cost-efficient system available.


Objective: Present Five Year Plan to staff, administration, and the Board of Trustees, for review, support, action, and implementation.


Objective: Evaluate personnel policy annually by a "committee of review" composed of staff, administration, and the Board of Trustees.






The Board of Trustees will evaluate the Five Year Plan on an annual basis thru 2020 to determine:


a. whether the goals/objectives for the present year have been met


b. if any goal/objective for the present year has not been met, determine whether that objective is still relevant or not and, if it is still relevant, develop strategies and budgetary resources to insure implementation of that objective


c. what strategies and budgetary resources must be developed to assure that future goals/objectives are met in a timely and cost-effective manner