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Summer Reading Program Activities:




Theme: Build a Better World… READ! @ the

East Smithfield Public Library!


Stop by the library this summer and explore the many ways that reading may get you started on interacting with other people, exploring new places, and getting involved in stimulating activities. Excitement and adventure await you at the library when you read stories about amazing people, places, and experiences that will thrill you, make you cry, and hopefully make you a better person. Storytellers will amuse and amaze you with their unique and heart-warming stories. You will participate in performances and programs that will “inspire” you! But most of all, you will have some fun and learn a little more about yourself and your place in this wonderful world of ours.


Question: What has fun activities, cool prizes, and hours of enjoyable reading?


Answer:                 The East Smithfield Public Library’s 2017 Summer Reading Program. Evidence collected from past participants of the Summer Reading Program will show that this is truly a fun-filled adventure!


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Where: The East Smithfield Public Library

50 Esmond Street

Smithfield, RI 02917

Phone: 231-5150

Fax: 231-2940

Web address:


When:   Early July – Mid-August


How It Works:

In order to join the program, come to the library to sign up. The program runs to August 11. You will receive a reading log, bookmark, and progress stickers. When signing up, you will agree to read or be read to at least 10 hours or, you can complete a Summer Reading Bookmark. You can earn admission coupons to local attractions. Summer reading helps children maintain and improve their reading skills. As always, reading is its own reward! Remember: “Build a Better World, READ.”

The Summer Reading Program is sponsored by the Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services, The Institute of Museum and Library Services, Friends of the East Smithfield Public Library, and the East Smithfield Public Library.


Ages: The reading program welcomes children of all abilities and ages up through 12 years old.



Performances and Special Events

Performances last for approximately 45 minutes and are suitable for children ages 5-12 (unless otherwise noted). Registration is recommended due to space limitations. If, after signing up for a program, you are unable to attend, please notify the library.


Rhode Island Museum of Science and ArtRhode Island Museum of Science and Art


Wednesday, August 2 @ 1:00 p.m.

RI Museum of Science and Art (RIMOSA)

Using artist and inventor Buckminster Fuller as inspiration, youth will explore building techniques and architecture. They will design and build forts using dowels, connectors, and cloth. If time allows, youth will create model buildings using toothpicks and plasticine clay.


Patricia RothPatricia RothPatricia RothPatricia RothPatricia RothPatricia Roth


Wednesday, August 9 @ 11:00 a.m.  

"Build a Better Body, Community & World, with RI Grown Food!"

Participants will enjoy a lively hour focused on the environmental, health and economic benefits of enjoying the delicious foods grown on the beautiful farms here in Rhode Island. The program is led by a chef and features delicious and seasonal produce from Rhode Island farms. Children will learn all about how eating local foods supports our local businesses, communities, and our bodies. With a focus on food, we work to engage all the senses. Children begin by listening to a story and examining seasonal produce by seeing, touching and smelling a variety of items. Then, depending on the age and size of the group, we offer a crafting activity or a competitive game. Everyone helps the chef prepare a delicious snack that features RI grown food.



Fun Programs:

HERITAGE BALLET’S “LITERATURE INTO LIFE” SERIES – Monday, August 7, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. This program is for children ages 4-7. Children will analyze the book Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young and bring the story to life through music and movement. In honor of “Build a Better World”, children will use recycled materials to build their costumes and props. This is a six week program and on the last day, the children will perform the story for friends and family.






For children ages 3-12.

(Registration required for all programs)


TODDLER STORYTIME - The library will present toddler storytime programs for children aged 2-31/2 on Monday mornings from 10:30-11:00 a.m. A parent/caregiver must participate in the program. Registration is required.


TINY TOTS STORYTIME - Tuesdays from 10:30-11:00 a.m. The Tiny Tots Storytime is for children 1-2 years old and will be held on August 1, 8, 22, and 29. We will read books, sing songs, and do finger plays. See Ms. Carol for further details.


‘GUEST READER’ STORYTIME – Wednesday, August 2, at 10:30 a.m. Come and listen to stories read by local author Jill Austin who wrote Where Did All the R’s Go?


PANCAKES AND PAJAMAS STORYTIME – Thursday, August 3 @ 6:30 p.m. Come to the library in your pajamas and slippers! If you wish, you may also bring your favorite stuffed animal to join in the fun. There will be yummy pancakes to enjoy!





Other Summer Programming and Activities


Theme: Build a Better World… READ! @ the

East Smithfield Public Library!



The Summer Reading Program is sponsored by the Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the East Smithfield Public Library, and the Friends of the East Smithfield Public Library.


Teen SRP SloganTeen SRP SloganTeen SRP SloganTeen SRP SloganTeen SRP SloganTeen SRP SloganTeen SRP Slogan


How Do I Participate?

It’s Extremely Easy!

Guide to Build a Better World: Read @ East Smithfield Public Library

Registration continues

First, you will need to fill out a registration form. Between the time you register and Monday, August 7, all you need to do is fill out a short form stating whether or not you liked the book you read. This form can be submitted in person at the library or online at For each book you read, you will be given a ticket. At the end of the program the librarian will put all of the participants’ tickets into a basket. If the librarian picks out your ticket, you will win a prize. The more you read, the more chances you have to win. Tickets can also be gained by attending the special events. The teen that reads the most books will win a special prize at the end of the program.


What Should I Read? can read ANY books you want to read for the summer reading program. Do you need suggestions? You can stop by the library and speak with the youth services librarians about what books you like to read.

Visit: or visit Click on Find an Article, and then click Novelist.


Inside The First Augmented Reality-Powered Beauty Book [Augmented Reality: http:/ Virtual Reality: http:/]Inside The First Augmented Reality-Powered Beauty Book [Augmented Reality: http:/ Virtual Reality: http:/]Inside The First Augmented Reality-Powered Beauty Book [Augmented Reality: http:/ Virtual Reality: http:/]Inside The First Augmented Reality-Powered Beauty Book [Augmented Reality: http:/ Virtual Reality: http:/]TyromotionTyromotionTyromotionTyromotion


Monday, August 7th @ 6:30 p.m.

Smart Phone Holograms and the VR 360

Join us as we take our smart phones and use them to make holograms using plastic, cardboard, paper, tape, and magic. The holograms include birds, flowers, penguins, a fast car, and other interesting things. Also, strap your head into a 360 Virtual Reality adventure and see many of the most amazing places on earth. Look all around you and be amazed as you wear VR goggles. Please bring a smart phone. Registration is required.


Tuesday, August 8th @ 6:30 p.m.

Marvelous, Massive, Incomparable, Ice Cream Spectacle

Today is the wrap-up of the Young Adult Summer Reading Program. All those who participated and read books for the summer reading program are invited. Use your hero powers and creativity as you decorate your ice cream sundae with a dazzling array of toppings. Prizes will also be awarded to those who actively participated in this summer’s program.




BACK TO SCHOOL COUNTING CONTEST – Children in grades K-5 are invited to participate in our Back to School Counting Contest, counting how many school supplies are in a special jar. Stop by the Children’s Room and estimate the number of “goodies” and put your guess in the box. You could be a winner! The child who comes closest to the correct number will win the jar of school supplies. The winner will be drawn on September 30. Each child is allowed only one guess. Good luck!


BEACH DISPLAY - This month’s Children’s display case contains a beautiful and colorful collection of rocks, shells, and sea glass. The exhibit was organized and developed by the Keefe girls and we thank them for loaning it to the library. They went to beaches in Jamestown, Narragansett, and Block Island. They enjoyed exploring the beaches and collecting some rare and unusual specimens. The girls hope that you like their display.



INDIVIDUAL TECHNOLOGY HELP SESSIONS – Wednesday evenings @ 5:00-7:00 p.m. Technology help sessions continue on each Wednesday from 5:00-7:00 p.m., the East Smithfield Public Library will be offering “Individual Technology Help Sessions” for its patrons. Patrons must call the library and register for their specific help session. If this program proves successful, the library will schedule other help sessions as needed. Contact Michael Cardin at 231-5150 x3, or email:


HOT, HAZY, HUMID WEATHER – If you do not have air conditioning in your home and want to get some relief from those hot, hazy, and humid days, visit the library, relax, and cool off. You are welcome to stay with us during our normal hours of operation.


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TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – Monday, August 21. The eclipse will be across all of North America. During those brief moments – when the moon completely blocks the sun’s bright face for about two minutes – day will turn into night, making visible the otherwise hidden solar corona, the sun’s outer atmosphere. Bright stars and planets will become visible as well. Birds will fly to their nighttime roosts. Nocturnal insects such as cicadas and crickets will buzz and chirp. This is truly one of nature’s most wondrous experiences. – NASA

                The library has obtained cardboard safety glasses that protect the eyes while they view the eclipse. These glasses are free of charge from the library thanks to the STAR Network’s eclipse glasses distribution program. One per person, while supplies last. For more on the solar eclipse visit:


BEAT THE SUMMER HEAT - Stop by the library and check out a favorite book, CD, DVD, or videocassette. Then find a cool spot, put up your feet, enjoy a refreshing drink, and forget about the hot weather.


SUMMER HOURS - During the month of August, the library will be CLOSED ON SATURDAYS.


NOTABLE DATES IN AUGUST – 1 – First U.S. census completed, 1790; 2 – First Lincoln penny issued, 1909; 11 – Don Freeman, author, born, 1908; 15 – Panama Canal opened, 1914; 17 – Myra Cohn Livingston, author, born, 1926; 19 – National Aviation Day; 26 – Women given right to vote, 1920.




Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction/Nonfiction


Whoosh! Lonnie Johnson’s Super-Soaking Chris Barton

Ada’s Violin – Susan Hood

The Deadliest Creatures in the World Brenda Guiberson

Cici #2 a Fairy’s Take – Truth in Sight – Cori Doerrfeld

Llama Llama Holiday Drama – Anna Dewdney

Little Critter: Hansel and Gretel – Mercer Mayer

Don’t Call Me Choochie Pooh! – Sean Taylor

Dragon Was Terrible – Kelly DiPucchio

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2017

The Thank You Book – Mo Willems

Ants – Josh Gregory

Peeking Under the City – Esther Porter












TINY TOTS STORYTIME - Tuesdays or Fridays from 10:30-11:00 a.m. The Tiny Tots Storytime is for children 1-2 years old. There will be age-appropriate books, songs, and finger plays. Exploratory social play will follow each storytime. Contact Ms. Carol for further details: 231-5150 x3.

TODDLER STORYTIME - Mondays or Wednesdays, from 10:30-11:00 a.m. Toddler Storytime is for children aged 2-31/2. Toddler story time includes age-appropriate stories, songs, flannel activities, finger plays, and a craft. A parent/caregiver must participate in the program.

PRESCHOOL STORYTIME - Thursdays from 1:00-1:30 p.m. The Thursday afternoon Preschool Storytime Program is for children ages 3½-6. As usual, there will be enjoyable stories, songs, finger plays, and a related craft or game.

PAJAMA STORYTIME – Thursday, September 28 @ 6:30 p.m. Come to the library in your pajamas and slippers and listen to stories! If you wish, you may also bring your favorite stuffed animal to join in the fun! We will enjoy stories and a related craft. This program is for children ages 3½ to 8 and their caregiver(s). Registration is required.


Registration for all of October's storytimes will begin on September 18 and run through the end of September. Registration is required.



September 9, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. LEGO CLUB - Stop by the library on Saturday and join other Lego enthusiasts for a Lego good time. The library will supply the Legos (or you can bring your own) and you can share your ideas, techniques, and creations with your friends and other club members. This drop in program is for children ages 4-12.

September 23, from 11:00 a.m. to NoontimeLIBRARY MINI GOLF – Stop by the library and play mini golf. We will be using old books, boxes, blocks, tubes, and other materials to make a miniature golf course in the library. This program is for children ages 5 and older. Please register for this program.


APPLE SCAVENGER HUNT – All of the children are invited to search for some apples that are hiding in the library. The entry forms and rules of the game can be found in the Children’s Room. The deadline for submitting guesses is September 30. Good luck!





HERITAGE BALLET’S “CREATIVE DANCE COMMUNITY SERIES” - The library is excited to announce that it is collaborating with the Heritage Ballet to offer a “Creative Dance Community Series” starting on October 16. This program will run on Mondays from 4:30 p.m. to 5:20 p.m. It will be for children turning 6 or 7 by September 1, 2017. Please call or stop by the library and ask for Ms. Carol for more specific details. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to experience classical ballet training with one of the talented instructors from the Heritage Ballet.


SUMMER READING PROGRAMS - The staff of the library would like to extend our appreciation and congratulations to all of the children and teens who participated in our annual Summer Reading Programs. The children and teens read hundreds of books, but whether they read 5 books, or 35 books, they were all winners as concerns the further development of their minds and constructive utilization of their leisure time.


MAKE IT AND TAKE IT CRAFT – Thursday, September 7, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Stop by the library anytime between 3:30 and 5:30 and make a craft you can take home with you! This is a drop-in program for children of all ages.


BOOK GROUPS   Book Groups start back up again in October.  The “Bookworms” book group is for children in second and third grade. The “Books are Fun” book group is for children in fourth and fifth grade.  Each book group meets monthly to discuss a certain book. If you are interested, contact Ms. Carol for more information.




SPECIAL THANK YOU FROM MS. CAROL – I want to thank the many people who helped make the 2017 Summer Reading Program a huge success. I am always amazed at the enthusiasm of the children, parents, and grandparents who come to the library all summer to borrow books, participate in programs and share with me what they have been reading.

We are also very fortunate to have a special collaboration with “Guest Readers” from our local community who volunteered their time over the summer to share story hours with the children. Their enthusiasm and cooperation contributed to the success of the Summer Reading Program.

I would also like to thank the Friends of the Library (FOL) who very generously donated to the Summer Reading Program. Through the combined efforts of the library and the FOL, the children were able to experience many performances and enjoy rewards throughout the summer.

Last, but not least, is a hearty thank you to the Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS), the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Their continued support makes the Summer Reading Program a successful and rewarding endeavor.


THANKS/CONGRATULATIONS – Thanks to the Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art for visiting the library and presenting two fantastic programs: “Building Techniques and Architecture” and “Sound Effects: The Incredible Perception of Sound.” In “Building Techniques and Architecture”, all of the participants designed and built forts using dowels, connectors, and cloth. In “Sound Effects”, participants learned the basic physics of sound while exploring the intricacies of human perception.

            Also, thanks to the Providence Children’s Film Festival for their “Build a Better World” film project. The children viewed a short film, learned about the language of film, participated in creating their own film project, and shared their voices about how they might “build a better world.”

            Both of these programs were made possible by the support of the Friends of the East Smithfield Public Library. Lastly, Bailey Gaffney was the winner of the Young Adult Summer Reading Program.




HOMEWORK HELP – Need help on your school assignments, projects and papers? If so, stop by the library on any Monday (3-6:30 p.m.), or Tuesday (3-8 p.m.), and Mr. Mike will assist you in utilizing the best reference resources for your homework. You will learn how to find the most useful books and how to use the electronic resources and Internet to get the most current articles on topics you are researching. Learn how to properly cite articles and organize your resources into a cohesive report. No registration is required. To access homework help from home, go to the library’s homepage and click on the Young Adult (YA) Teen Page, and under Reference, click on either the Online Reference Homework Help or Schoolwork and Research/EBSCO Databases link. Also, ask Mr. Mike about AskRI which includes new electronic resources such as Points of View, Student Research Center, EBSCO Topic Search, Current Events, and Literary Reference Center.


CARD GAME CLUB – The Young Adult Librarian is looking for players of strategic card games. Youngsters from 5th to 12th grade will head up our new Game Card Club. Members will decide which games they want to play such as Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, or something else. You bring the cards and we will supply the space. We will decide the best time to meet. If you are interested or have any questions, contact




FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY NEWS – Attention, all Friends of the Library! The Annual Meeting of the FOL will be held on Tuesday, September 12, at 7:30 p.m. in the library. The finances of the FOL and a summary of this past year’s activities will be presented. Also, the FOL will be soliciting ideas for future programming and services for the upcoming year. This is your opportunity to hear about some of the amazing things that we have been doing and to hopefully help us to continue our great work. Remember, everyone is invited to our meetings – hope to see you there!

                        The Friends were instrumental in helping Carol Derosier and Mike Cardin with their Summer Reading Programs. Prizes, crafts, snacks, and help with special programs were all part of a very ambitious effort. A heartfelt “Thank You” to all of the Friends who helped to make the Summer Reading Programs successful,  rewarding, and memorable experiences for all of the children. Friends, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.       

                If you have any questions concerning the FOL, please contact Charlotte Taylor: phone - 233-6720, or e-mail



SEPTEMBER IS LIBRARY CARD SIGN-UP MONTH – Your library card will give you access to one of the greatest resources in your local community: YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY. Your library is a goldmine of books, magazines, videos, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, the Internet, story hours, and other great resources and services for the entire family. In this day and age of high energy prices, where else can you take your family for FREE! Also, for parents shopping for school supplies, remember: A LIBRARY CARD IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SCHOOL SUPPLY OF ALL.


PRESERVATION OF LIBRARY MATERIALS - We are all responsible for protecting the physical condition of library materials. Helpful hints: a) clean hands prevent buildup of grime and sticky substances; b) removing books from the shelves by pulling on the headband (top of the spine) will weaken and eventually destroy the book - to remove a book, gently push in the books on either side, grasp the book in the center, and remove it.


DONATIONS - We would like to express our thanks to all of our patrons and friends who have donated library materials during the past year. Your kind generosity in donating valuable materials such as books, videocassettes, CDs, DVDs, and other resources is much appreciated. You epitomize and perpetuate the true meaning of community library.




HOMEWORK EXPRESS – The Homework Express is up and running at the East Smithfield Public Library. For youngsters in grades K-5, this is the ticket for you. Each Thursday, from 2:30-4:30 p.m., Ms. Carol will be ready to help you with your homework. Whether you need help finding a specific book, guidance with a tricky question, or just some advice on how to get started, Ms. Carol will give you the encouragement and confidence you need to tackle any homework assignment. Don’t hesitate to avail yourself to this warm, friendly, and professional service. Keep in mind that the library is a great place to meet your friends to work on group projects. Drop by the library (no sign-up necessary) and get rolling on the Homework Express! Hope to see you soon.


SEPTEMBER  CELEBRATIONS – 4 – Labor Day (LIBRARY CLOSED); 7 – Grandma Moses, painter, born, 1860; 11 – Grandparents Day; 14 – Francis Scott Key wrote the “Star Spangled Banner”; 17 – U.S. Constitution signed, 1787; 26 – Johnny Appleseed born, 1775; 23 – Native American Day.


I Read Banned Books Button (the "purple button")BannedBooks_List2009_thumbBannedBooks_List2009_thumb2005 Banned Books Week Button


BANNED BOOKS WEEK – September 24 – September 30, 2017 Banned Books Week is "Celebrating the Freedom to Read." Banned Books Week (BBW) celebrates the freedom to choose or the freedom to express one’s opinion even if that opinion might be considered unorthodox or unpopular and stresses the importance of ensuring the availability of those unorthodox or unpopular viewpoints to all who wish to read them. After all, intellectual freedom can exist only where these two essential conditions are met. Remember, it’s your freedom we’re talking about. For more information, go to


LIBRARY HOURS – Now that students will be preparing for another school year, the library will be reopening on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., beginning September 2.



Juvenile Fiction/Nonfiction


Time for School, Charlie Brown – Charles M. Schulz

Humphrey’s School Fair Surprise – Betty G. Birney

On the First Day of Kindergarten – Tish Rabe

Otter Goes to School – Sam Garton

School’s First Day of School – Adam Rex

The Last Grade of Emerson Elementary – Laura Shovan

Hippopotamuses – Josh Gregory

We Found a Hat – Jon Klassen

Ghosts – Raina Telgemeier

Adventures of Gracie & Monkeybear C.S. O’Kelly

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea – Ben Clanton

Hatching Chicks in Room 6 – Caroline Arnold



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